Do you struggle to find glasses....

that look good, feel good and that you can see really clearly with at all distances?  

Then our Eyewear Styling Consultation is for you!

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Eyewear Experts

Our team of Eyewear Professionals have renowned expertise and knowledge. We will take the time to get to know your personal style, and then give you the honest and best advice, to tailor your frames and lens combinations to your individual needs.

Our staff are trained to give you a relaxed and enjoyable experience throughout, and really great eyewear that you are delighted to wear!

Life's too short to wear boring glasses!

We travel to the European Eyewear exhibitions, to discover new collections that are interesting and ‘different’ to the generic boring eyewear that can be found in the the average multiples on the high street.

Our frames are hand picked, and assessed for style and quality before we add them to our stock. 

Spectacle lens brands vary in quality, and the difference is clear!

There are lots of makes and models of spectacle lenses on the market to choose from, and many opticians use very average lenses. We, on the other hand, do not.

We believe that when the Optometrist has taken time to expertly examine your eyes using advanced technology, you then should have lenses made to precision, so you see the world with clarity and detail. That is why we use the world leading Zeiss spectacle

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